Hatchimals Mystery

New moving eggs! Forever babies! Secret accessories! HatchiBabies have arrived -- and they have numerous surprises to you! To learn who's inside, hug, tap, snuggle and pat your HatchiBaby's egg. If they hear you, then they will react with cute sounds! The more you play with these eternally infants, the greater EGGcited they get! Place the egg on a table and it will truly move by itself! When you visit rainbow eyes shine through the shell, you'll understand your HatchiBaby is prepared to hatch -- but they can't do it without you! Rub the egg to promote thempeel back the shell -- the key message inside will show if you've hatched a hatchiboy or hatchigirl Cheetree! (Don't forget to complete the birth certificate!) As you pull your HatchiBaby, their big color - shifting eyes will tell you how they're feeling, their beaks will move and they will rock back and forth -- they all come to life! Use them to feed, burp, sew and sew your baby! The longer you play, the more responses you'll unlock! Teach your baby to play or talk with new games such as"peek-a-boo!" The best part is: those Hatchimals stay babies forever! Cheetree HatchiBabies are cute additions to your hatchifamily! Bring home a bouncing HatchiBaby of your very own and find a whole world of surprises!

Hatch them! Feed them! Enjoy them! Bring home HatchiBabies, the sweetest new Hatchimals from Hatchtopia! For the first time , YOU get to hatch and find surprise accessories inside your Hatchimals egg! The best part is: HatchiBabies stay babies forever! Use their interactive accessories to appreciate and care to your adorable new HatchiBaby! Will you vibrate a boy or a Hatchibabies hatching girl?

Experience a new hatch! As you cuddle, rub and tap on your HatchiBaby's egg, then they'll come to life! The more EGG-cited your own HatchiBaby gets, the more it will rock back and forth -- on its own! But remember -- they want your help to hatch! Play them in-egg till you see rainbow eyes. That means it is hatching time!

Who is inside your egg? You can hatch and discover a HathchiBoy or even HatchiGirl! To find out, help your HatchiBaby hatch! Scrub and tap the egg to encourage them. Bear in mind, they can't hatch without you! Lift up your HatchiBaby and find a secret message that will reveal who is inside your egg! Will you find a boy or a girl? As soon as you've hatched your new baby, pull out the birth certificate and name them!

HatchiBabies have new surprises! For the first time in Hatchimals history, it is possible to discover super-cute accessories hidden inside the egg! Peel-to-reveal a rattle, hairbrush, jar, buff buddy and higher chair-- what you need to take care of your infant! As you use each accessory to care for your HatchiBaby, they will respond in adorable ways. (P.S. distinct species of HatchiBabies come with various accessories!)

To nourish your adorable baby, you can set them in the highchair and put the jar into their mouth (accessories included). As your HatchiBaby feeds, then its mouth will truly move! Rub the rattle accessory (included) in their tummy to get them dance , or us the hairbrush to design their hair. When it's naptime, utilize the cuddle buddy (included) to help rock them to sleep. You can even play fun games such as"bouncy baby." So cute!

In your HatchiBaby's egg, you will come across a Hatchibirth certificate! Offer your new baby a special name and write it down, in addition to the date, on the birth certificate. Now it's official: the HatchiBaby is a part of your loved ones!

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